SaaS Sales Executive

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


We’re a startup based out of Waterloo, Canada building a smart, curious, and driven team that’s passionate about making software that helps sales reps sell better.

Prospect is a lead generation platform that intelligently sources contact data right inside of your web browser in real-time. The best sales teams from the top tech companies in the world use Prospect to crush their sales targets.


This unique role is a blend of the traditional Sales Development (“SDR”) and Account Executive (“AE”) roles.

In the first 3 months, you will:

Once you’re fully ramped up, in the next 3 months you are expected to:

Once you’ve grown into the role, your final responsibilities will be:

If you’re looking for challenges to grow or have entrepreneurial dreams, this is an excellent role for you to get exposure to working with VPs, Directors, and C-level decision makers.

We’ve set this “full stack sales” role up this way so that you’re always growing and exposed to new challenges instead of being forced into one very specific responsibility.



You are always learning. You believe that the only way to grow is to be independent and always be learning. Prior experience at a startup or SaaS company is highly preferred.

You genuinely enjoy helping and talking to people. You realize that sales is about building authentic long-term relationships. You must have prior sales or SDR experience that shows this.

Your are creative and tech savvy. You realize that your prospects get flooded with cold emails and you look for ways to stand out from the crowd. Experience with outbound software (, Salesloft) and other sales tech (GoVideo, Cirrus Insight) is a big plus!

You focus on quality over quantity. You believe that it is better to write ten high quality cold emails versus one hundred cookie-cutter emails.

You don’t make excuses. You realize that there will always be objections and you get a thrill from dealing with them.



We started in 2014 with three founders. We are currently a hybrid-remote team of 12 people that is spread over 6 different cities worldwide.

We’re fully independent and bootstrapped with $0 raised from VCs or investors. We did this so we can focus on the two things that matter the most: our customers and our team.

Every customer we have today was sourced using our own product (Prospect) or via word-of-mouth. Our sales team is very small (< 3 people) and you will work very closely with our CEO on a regular basis.


The salary for this role is $80,000 Canadian dollars (OTE; $40,000 base, $40,000 commission). This will be adjusted as you start doing your own meetings and start closing deals.

You can choose to work from our Kitchener-Waterloo office, entirely remote (any country), or a blend of both. You are encouraged to work where you perform best.

We believe that you should have good equipment to do your work and we give a laptop of your choice once you’re up and running.

We give ample time off. Everyone gets 4 weeks paid-time-off. Additionally, we work four-day workweeks every July and August. We also offer a generous vacation allowance.

If you are authorized to work in Canada, we will also give you health benefits under our company HSA. If you decide to work from the office, you will also get daily catered lunches.


If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, we would love to hear from you!

We usually get hundreds of job applicants and we read through every single one of them. We highly recommend applying with a good cover letter if you would like to stand out.

Within two weeks of applying, you will hear from us if you’ve made it to the next stage which will be a quick culture screening. You will then have an hour long call with the team. After that, you will proceed to the final stage of interviews which will be specific to the role and then to the final offer.

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